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2003-06 Silverado Smoked Fog Lights Kit

Spec-D Tuning
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Fog Lights

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LF-SIV03GOEM-HZ | 2003-06 Silverado Smoked Fog Lights Kit, Smoked Fog Lights Kit  
Manufactured by Spec-D Tuning | LF-SIV03GOEM-HZ |  2003-06 Silverado Smoked Fog Lights Kit,  Smoked Fog Lights Kit, Spec-D Tuning fog lights are available as a direct replacement for you factory fog or driving light but with a crystal clear or smoked lens. If your vehicle did not come with fog lights or the originals are damaged, replace them with these quality Spec-D Tuning fog lights. Whether you're driving in the fog or heavy rain, fog lights are mounted low on the vehicle and illuminate the road directly in front of the vehicle to reduce glare, creating better road visibility. With any fog lights, not only visibility in adverse weather conditions are restored, but also your aesthetic appearance of your vehicle.  Product information updated on 2023-07-31