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1997-03 F150 3Rd Brake Light-Smoke

Spec-D Tuning
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LED Taillights

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LT-F15097RBGLED-RS | 1997-03 F150 3Rd Brake Light-Smoke, LED Tail Lights  
Manufactured by Spec-D Tuning | LT-F15097RBGLED-RS |  1997-03 F150 3Rd Brake Light-Smoke,  LED Tail Lights, Spec-D Tuning Tail Lights are available in Euro style with chrome or black trim as well as some models having the option of red or smoked lenses. A lot of applications are also in full LED (except for the backup light in most applications) that will provide for more light as well as a faster response time when you actuate your brakes  Product information updated on 2023-02-22