LED Replacement and Upgraded Bulbs

No matter if you are replacing your light housings or not adding a set of High Output LED Replacement Bulbs in your car or truck can increase your visibility which will make your vehicle safer to drive in traffic and at night. Most LED Bulb replacement upgrades are as simple as taking your old bulb out and installing the new LED Bulb. The exception is when you are replacing your signal light bulbs with an LED bulb you may find that your signal flasher does not recognize the low draw of the LED bulb and thereby flashes fast because it thinks the bulb is not functioning and flashing fast is the way it let's you know that there may be a problem. But we have an easy solution to that problem, simply plug in one of our Prewire Resistor Harnesses and your car or truck will now think that a regular bulb has been installed and will flash normally.